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Come Tan With Us!

Plan ahead! If you haven't tanned before, or have lost your tan from last season and you want a dark, natural tan, start tanning about 4 weeks before your special occasion. This will give you time to work up to the maximum exposure time in a tanning bed and will provide a longer lasting, deeper tan.

We recommend that you start your sessions at a few minutes, perhaps seven, and tan more often - say, four to five days a week. Once you start to achieve a base tan you can add a couple more minutes and work up to the maximum allowed time in the bed. Once you achieve your desired color, you can tan every other day or three times a week. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in figuring exposure times based on your Fitzpatrick Skin Type.

Trying to tan too quickly will result in sunburn, and will require you to wait until the burn has subsided before you can tan again.

Tanning Specials


Sessions expire in 1 year from purchase date

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